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Welcome to Aegean Holidays where we pride ourselves on offering some of the best value, luxury holiday hotels in Greece. As part of our Aegean Holidays Summer 2021 Sale, we have pledged to make Summer 2021 the best ever, to help make up for lost time. So get in touch for amazing deals with big discounts, free upgrades & added extras on your favourite Greek Holiday Destinations including Mitsis, Ikos, Sani & more!

To get us in the mood, let’s remember what we’ve all been missing by watching these TV shows; ‘A Greek Odyssey’ Channel 5 programme by the lovely Bettany Hughes and The Greek Islands with the wonderful Julia Bradbury.

Ever wondered how New Year is celebrated in Greece? 
In Greece, the period over Christmas, New Year and the epiphany is one of the most anticipated on the calendar and the occasion is celebrated with traditional customs that have stood the test of time throughout the years. So, if you find yourself in the beautiful country in late December or early January, trust us when we say that you’re truly in for a treat. 
Many Greek traditions over the New Year are in place to encourage good luck, ranging from playing a low-betting game of cards in a bustling taverna to hanging onions above the door as a symbol of growth and rebirth. Or, if you’re spending the festive season in Athens, you simply must admire the fireworks that cascade over the Acropolis while you toast with a glass of champagne – it’s a moment you’ll never forget. 
As if Christmas and New Year’s Eve wasn’t filled with enough joy, the festivities continue with the Greek Epiphany on January 6th and the Great Blessing of the Waters. These ceremonies are held on beaches, lakes and rivers and a cross is thrown into the water by a Greek Orthodox priest, followed by boys and men competing to retrieve it so they can have good luck throughout the year.

Keeping Everyone Safe: Coronavirus Measurements Implemented During Your Stay:
To address COVID-19 and any disease that can transmitted in the community, in accordance to the World Health Organisation, the Greek Ministry of Health and local authorities have instigated:
Operation at low occupancy to ensure proper social-distancing.
Intensified cleaning & disinfection across all high-volume touchpoints & guestrooms.
Disinfectant dispensers for guests in public areas.
High standards of food safety – HACCP procedures.
24h operation of F&B outlets to allow ample time & space for lunch & dinner.
Social distancing specifications in recreational areas, pools & beach.
Simple & fast check-in / check-out procedures.
Doctors on call 24/7 to provide special care to our guests.
Ongoing training for our compliant staff.
Awareness campaign at all hotels.

We are doing our best at all hotels and resorts to help everyone enjoy an amazing Summer 2021 Greece Holiday.

Public Areas
Increased cleaning and disinfection across all high-volume touchpoints and all exposed surfaces. Health stations placed throughout the hotels, including wipes and sanitizers. Education of guests on how to take the necessary precautions. Simple and fast E-check-in/check-out procedures via tablet. Contactless payment of taxes and other services at the reception. Alcohol-based hand rub, soap, and tissues available in every restroom.

Guest Rooms
Deep cleaning and disinfection in all guest rooms and bathrooms. Specific sanitation consideration on all high-touch guest room areas using appropriate disinfectant. Unused disposable items are discarded, bed linen from customer rooms that may be contaminated will be kept in separate labeled bags and washed at temperatures of 60-90 degrees, all furniture made out of fabric disinfected with steam cleaners and disinfectants, while rooms will be ventilated after evacuation.

High standards of food safety and hygiene, as well as strict personal hygiene policies for our team members will be followed. All restaurants’ surfaces & furniture will be disinfected after each service and the tables will be cleaned and disinfected after each sitting. Restaurants will operate 24/7 to allow ample time for the seating of guests. Seating capacity will be reduced, and tables will be arranged to allow a maximum of 4 persons for 10 square meters. 24h room service for guests preferring to dine in private.

Swimming pools
Disinfection of lounge chairs and sitting areas will take place after each sitting. The lounge chairs around the swimming pool will be in-group of 2 and at least 2 meters away from each other. Meticulous observance and supervision of established procedures, frequent recirculation time of the water at least every 4 hours, frequent chlorine measurements to control its levels, water change, pH control, etc.

Hand hygiene
Alcohol- based hand sanitizers will be available for guests and employees in different areas throughout the hotels. Such areas include the hotel entrance, the reception, the lobby, the corridors, the food and beverage outlets, the Kids Clubs, the Pool and Spa areas etc.

Air-conditioning & ventilation
All air conditions (split units) in the rooms and public areas are safe to operate. Our hotels’ central ventilation system is maintained to continuous operation with fresh air regarding the latest legislation rules. The circulation of fresh air similarly does not pose any problem to guests’ health and safety

Social Distancing
Social distancing actions will include limiting large groups of people coming together. Members with medical conditions may wish to avoid a congregate setting such as a gym or a health club. Sings at the hotel’s public areas will remind our guests to maintain social distancing of at least 1,5m. To ensure proper distancing, our hotels will operate at low occupancy.

Hotel response teams & training
Our hotels will be armed with an internal Response Team, including a member from every department, responsible for keeping a pulse on hotel operations. All Hotels personnel have received extensive ongoing training on Health & Safety measures to provide a carefree and safe stay to our guests, implementing the POSI (Prevent of Spread of Infection) guide and all procedures and preventive measures, as described in our Hotels Manual.

Awareness campaign at the hotels
A comprehensive awareness campaign is rolling out in all our hotels, with health & safety measure signs throughout the facilities describing ways to prevent the spread of germs, as well as brochure regarding COVID-19 and its containment in every room.

New technologies
In order to reduce face-to-face interaction between staff and guests wherever possible, we have implemented new technologies like simple & fast check-in / check-out procedures, online concierge services, online table reservation and more. Our technologies provide reassurance and distancing options for our guests.

Greece’s Coronavirus Action ‘A Success’ – TIME report:
The key to Greece’s success, analysts say, was the government’s early steps to contain the virus ahead of most of Europe. In late February, before a single death from the disease had been recorded, carnivals were cancelled. Schools, cafes, universities and most other businesses were ordered closed on March 5, when there were just 31 confirmed cases in the country. You are in safe hands here.

Aegean Holidays covers a number of areas in Greece that are spot on for exquisite holidays. From Crete to Rhodes to Kos our gorgeous Greek Islands are waiting to welcome you. Visitors to the Greek Islands can take advantage of blissfully warm climates during the summer season which runs from April to October. The Greek Islands are excellent for beach adventures, having plenty of great, sandy beaches to soak up the sun on, it’s not surprising that Greek Holidays are synonymous with a great balance of history, culture & suntans! Rhodes holidays expose visitors to a long list of stunning sandy beaches, historical and cultural sites, exciting party vibes & some beautiful landscapes ready to explore. Kos holidays will take you to the third largest of Greece’s Dodecanese Islands & boast 300km of sandy shores & secluded coves. Dotted with a landscape of whitewashed villages, 5-star resorts & a warm, temperate climate. Kos is one of the finest places in the world to relax & catch up on some hard-earned indulgences. If you’re craving some serious sunshine, sand & sea then stop delaying and begin packing your bikinis & sandals for a sun-soaked Crete holiday. Crete is the largest & most southern of the Greek Islands & this fascinating destination offers beautiful sandy beaches & secret coves that will truly delight.

Take advantage of our ‘Greece Holiday Experts’ and chat with them about your desired Greece holiday option that Aegean Holidays can provide. Holidays in Greece have something for every traveller. Take your pick from a warm Mediterranean sea, speckled with islands & step into a holiday paradise where palm-fringed beaches & sun-bleached ruins are found around every corner!

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